Maps from the weekend

IMG_0182Pictures from 3 old Mobil roadmaps.



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Still alive

Found this at a local antique store. Howe Caverns was a place my family visited when I was young. To this day, my aunts remember me reading an atlas or a map and criticizing my dad’s route selection.


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This Used To Be The Future is the title of an Instagram page that I just started. I added a lot of pics tere. Enjoy.

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Wintry Mix


Full Service


Those two signs are too contemporary for my tastes.


This one is more beautiful.

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Maintenance Monday


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February 6, 2017 · 07:38

Happy Super Bowl Sunday


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February 5, 2017 · 09:23

Near the N. Stonington/Hopkinton Line…

These were taken off of I-95 Exit 93 right before the highway leaves Conn. and enters RI.

Money, Murder, Madness




A business can call itself whatever it wants, but Mystic is 10 miles away.


There are other tall contemporary signs off of the highway there; including these for a packie and a truck stop. 0203170728-00

This Citgo one is a contempo I like almost as much (but not quite) as the older signage I see. Perhaps it is because it isn’t as flat as the others. The Citgo logo slightly bulges out of it.


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Suburban Archaeology, McQuades Marketplace, and Colonial Market

The following pics were taken Sunday mornng, January 22nd. This is the local independent grocer, McQuades Marketplace. Compared to Stop & Shop or Big Y, the interior is more human in scale. It’s tough to get lost in this supermarket. Architectually speaking, it is pretty boring on the outside.


Back in the 20th Century, there used to be an IGA called Colonial Market in  Olde Mistick Village (It’s an ersatz old village next to the Mystic Aquarium. I’ve never figured out its popularity.) Its spot was taken over by a seafood restaurant named Go Fish. It is in the process of being remodeled before the upcoming tourist season and you can see evidence of the old Colonial Market.






There might still be a Colonial Market in East Lyme, Conn.


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Roadgeek Photos from I-95

These were shot on I-95 North and I-195 East on 1/31/17 in Warwick, Cranston,and Providence RI.



I think the following curve is too sharp for an interstate. It slows rush hour traffic down too much.0131170815-020131170815-000131170815-010131170813-000131170811-00

Rhody is working on their bridges. They fixed the overpasses between I-195 and the Eastern Shore Expressway. But these paintjobs on the steel strike me more as a covering up than an attempt to protect the steel from rusting.

CLARIFICATION. These aren’t the Eastern Shore Expressway overpasses. These are surface streets overpassing I-95.



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Groton Shoppers Mart – Slight Return


I’d like to give a tip of the hat to Pleasant Family Shopping. It’s a blog with pics of old chain stores that inspired me to take this and the other pic of this sign back on MLK day.

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