Klosterman Weeknite

To me, Chuck Klosterman sometimes exudes the vibe of one of those hipster/slackers who works at a bookstore and looks down on those of us who went into the white collar workforce. But I checked out his latest book Eating The Dinosaur from the local library (they seem to be really good at acquiring new books.) I was interested in what he had to say about sports after reading this excerpt. Klosterman is sort of an acquaintance of Bill Simmons and I wanted to get a feel for what he has to say. (Bill called him a sports atheist in his book, meaning that Chuck doesn’t root for a particular team.) But this essay collection has only one other sports-related chapter on Ralph Sampson. I already have enough Sampson-related stuff here.

EDIT: I’ve been reading too much Smart Football. Eating The Dinosaur has a diagram for a read option play where all of the front seven guys are blocked. Isn’t the whole point of that play to leave the backside end unblocked, read where he goes, then go away from him? I wish I thought of this earlier when I made my morning entry.


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