Henry Schmidt

Henry Schmidt. According to Bill James, he hated Brooklyn, didn’t report to spring training in 1904 and never pitched in the majors again. Teams weren’t looking for guys with attitude problems who were on the wrong side of 30 back then, I suppose. That 3.83 ERA looks OK until you remember that it was the deadball days. The league ERA was 3.26. That said, Schmidt was able to keep unearned runs down. Every NL team then averaged over 2 errors a game.

There’s no major point in this entry. (Not sure that I make many as it is.) I just learned about Schmidt in some old Diamond Chronicles book that I picked up over the weekend. Also, I wanted to see if I would be able to make an entry just about every day for a month and I’m almost there. Shysterball was the one who inspired me to do this. Blogging is like quitting a bad habit, in my case. I’ve started a few over the years, but hope that this one gains Jon-mentum.


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