"Faith, an excellent tale"

I did not intend, when starting this blog, to scramble to fill a 10-post-a-day quota by finding the same zany links that show up again and again on other blogs and repost them. But I caught a virus. A fellow factoryite linked The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski last week and I just love it.

I’m a fan of the flick it parodies and got the The Big Lebowski DVD as a Christmas gift. I’ve probably watched it four times since. And I saw it in the theater and probably once a year after that. But there was one thing that I never noticed until Saturday nite. What happened to the Uzi? After tossing out the ringer for a ringer at the wooden bridge, Walter and the Dude go bowling. The Dudes car is stolen while they’re inside. He’s interesting in getting back the briefcase and the money, but no mention is made of the Uzi. Perhaps, Walter brought it back to his store, but we’ll never know, will we?


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