Monday Morning Shortstop

Comment of the Week: Bill, responding to “This and That”

I just finished reading Billick’s book. I found it quite interesting; especially his perspective on how the league has changed even over a relatively short time.
I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

It was the only comment of the week, but it did expand on the post.

Jonah Keri pines for the days of Roenicke and Lowenstein (and Ayala.) I’m not sure if platooning made the baseball of my teens more fun than the baseball of today. But trotting out faceless relievers inning after inning doesn’t make baseball more interesting. Maybe it’s because I had more time, but I used to be able to tell you pretty much who was on every roster when I was in high school. They added more teams, but what I think really diminished my ability to do that was that teams started devoting more roster spots to pitchers and pitchers break down more than position players. So there were more guys going on the DL and more guys getting called up from Iowa or Pawtucket to replace them. Made it more difficult to keep track of everyone. Guys were uni numbers in the 60s now. That’s lineman territory.

Still working on the bio for Tom Lynch right now. I have a really rough draft, but I’m finding enough conflicting info that it may take me a bit to sort it all out.

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