Big Mac Attack

I haven’t really had much to say about the whole Mark McGwire kerfuffle. I don’t think he farts rainbows, nor do I think he is pure concentrated evil. I know it’s not fun to be this way. But I see shades of gray and if you think that’s wrong, then so be it. But one of the smarter guys in the sabersphere reminded me of something. In this thread at Baseball Think Factory, Ron Johnson (one of the smartest saberists I’ve ever met said:

McGwire in his St. Louis days was one of the few players I’ve ever found that had a tangible impact on attendance beyond the on-field contribution.

Shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. I mean his BP was an event.

I do recall being caught up in the hysteria. Even my grandmother, who was more of a hoops fan than a baseball fan got into it. I guess that McGwire qualifies as a Maranvillain as well as a villain (and if Dick Allen can make the team, so can he.)

The team so far:

P – Wakefield
P – Lincecum
P – Fidrych
P – Paige
C – vacant
1B – McGwire
2B – vacant
SS – Maranville
3B – Zimmerman
CI – Allen
OF – Edmonds
OF – Manny Ramirez
OF – Evans
DH – Dunn
PH – Johnstone

Keep in mind that I put this team to gether as scientifically as the Hall of Fame was put together in Cooperstown, so if I am misrating someone it is clearly an oversight.


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