Baseball Analysts: There Are Two Types of Players…

… Elvis players and Beatles players.

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say. I’ve mentioned Jacoby Ellsbury, Adam Dunn, and Mark Reynolds as Maranvillains and all three are close to one pole or the other on the deadball-style/livelyball-style continuum. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned Ichiro yet. That’s a total oversight. In fact, I was given a choice of games to go see at the new Yankee Stadium this summer and I picked a Seattle one just to see him. (I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen him live.)

As Andrecheck says:

Personally, I find both styles of player fun to watch as their extreme styles seem to make them more colorful, though I think that the power guys have historically caught more grief from fans and have been underrated up until the recent sabermetric revolution.

Now, just making these lists doesn’t make you a guy I’d go out of my way to see (witness Jason Bay), but it’s a start. I’d be curious to see team scores.


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