Orlando Isales and The Farm

I see a lot of folks link to their first major league game attended either using retrosheet or bb-ref, but here’s a question for you? What was the first minor league game you attended? I haven’t figured mine out yet, but I narrowed it down.

When I was a kid in the Ellington Farm League, some roving minor league instructor for the Red Sox gave us a clinic. He also gave us tickets to a Bristol Red Sox game. That played at Muzzy Field. That field is still there and they use it for high school football (the minor league franchise moved down Route 72 to New Britain.) I believe it was old enough that Babe Ruth played there on some barnstorming tour.

In any event, my family went to the game and I remember my aunt jokingly wondering why there were no players with names like Orlando Grabowski. As far as I can tell, Orlando Isales was the only Eastern League Orlando during that era. So that narrows the game down to a 1978 battle with the Reading Phillies.

I can probably narrow this down more when I get a chance to visit ProQuest (the dentist beckons), but what about you? What was your first minor league tilt?


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