BDD: Baer: Analyzing The Internets Impact On Sabermetrics


I appreciate the fact that Baer is one of the few younger guns of sabermetric writing that hangs out at BTF, so I’ll let his anti-Catholic bigotry slide. But I think he overstates some saberist conclusions. For instance pitchers control over the batting overage on balls put in play against them (commonly referred to as BABIP.) Ever since Voros McCracken came up with his Defense Independent Pitching Stats, iconoclasts have shouted “no control!” But Mike Emeigh has said that this isn’t necessarily the case and Pitch f/x analysts are discovering new things.

Over at The Factory, one of the better commenters (fra paolo) called this article smug buncombe. I bookmarked that thread so that I can catch up with it when I can.


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