Will Carroll: Comments

I’m … going to choose to agree to disagree with the famous medhead here. I welcome comments.

Comments, at their heart, are as much about pageviews as they are about the conversation.

I am not going to get enough pageviews for it to make a monetary difference. I do desire some feedback and appreciate the comments I do get. Craig Calcaterra once said words to the effect that blogging is a collaborative art form. I’m not sure if that’s the case, but I look at this place like it’s a sandbox. These posts are mainly rough drafts and I’d like to polish some of them up into something better. I’ve crystallized a few of these thoughts already, but sometimes a different set of eyes can see things more clearly than mine. If you feel more comfortable emailing, I’m cool with that, too. I didn’t realize it, but I didn’t have my address on the front page. It is jon 31768 at gmail dot com. Snail mail would be welcome if I had a publisher you could send stuff c/o.


Will is also in a different situation than I am, so I can see his aversion to comments. He writes at BPro which is widely read. Widely read sites to get a lot of idiot comments. I haven’t had any of those here. No birthers or truthers have made their digital mark here at Designated Sitter. Even the spammers haven’t found me.


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