Will Carroll: Equations

A long, detailed analysis of the (Cliff Lee)deal on Monday probably has some value, but it’s so greatly diminished by the volume of things we’re going to see between now and then makes it near zero. I think the time part of the analysis is shrinking. What used to be 48 hours is now maybe 12. Anything beyond that, no matter how good, isn’t going to matter.

I hate the ever-shrinking news cycle. Remember Urban Meyer’s resignation? If that makes me a curmudgeon, then so be it. I don’t have a solution to this, so I suppose this makes me part of the problem. I used to like reading the news weekly magazines like Time or Newsweek or US News and World Report, but they seem to have gone downhill. By the way, one thing I like about Sports Illustrated that stands the test of time is their photography. But about the only time I see any of these mags is when I am waiting for a haircut or an oil change. One think I DON’T miss about them is their ink smudging my hands.

PS – On this note, I liked the All Star Game as a kid, but it’s lost it’s luster for me. Is this part of getting older, or are we just oversaturated with sports options on TV?


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