Inside the Book: FeetFX

I can’t directly read Tango and MGL’s blog, but it’s in my Reader. This post caught my eye.

Former big league catcher (and current Single-A Bakersfield manager) Bill Hasselman agrees. “It’s important to watch the whole body, but especially the feet and hips,” he told me. “Good hitters will usually have their front foot come down in the same place. But you can tell what they’re trying to do. If the foot is open, the hips are usually open and it means they are out in front and you can get them with something soft and away. If they are stepping across a little, you can try to cross them up with something hard inside. You can feel it in your peripheral vision. Sometimes you can just sense it.”

This reminds me the type of stuff you’d see at Smart Football or Advanced NFL Stats instead of a baseball blog. The sabersphere has more statheads than stratheads. Tango and MGL are exceptions, though. THey often discuss game theory. Anyways, I plan on finding the original article when I get home.


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