Let’s Play Two!!

Two days is eons in internet time, but I still wanted to post this piece by DS fave Chris Jaffe. As far as I (and he) can tell, no one has researched the frequency of doubleheaders before. Chris has the info; what percentage of games were twinbills in what years.

Occasionally, I’m more interested in why things are done on a league
level than how folks run teams. This is an example and it reminds me
of my (less substantial) research on the NFL overtime system. AFAICT,
they proposed OT all the way back in the 40s but it never got adopted
until years later. At that point in time, the Bears still played at
Wrigley. Mindful of this, sudden death was proposed so as to not get
caught in the dark in Chicago in late December. The League probably
used the same language in the 70s as they did when OT was first
proposed years earlier. (That’s just a theory, but I suspect it may be close to the truth.)

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