Welcome One and All

Aaron Gleeman linked me today. Many of you found me that way. Thank you, AG. Here’s a bried introductory for those that may have never visited here.

When the Red Sox played in National League parks the past few years, they had a rotation between Lowell-Ortiz-Youkilis in the corner infield. One of them rode the pine each day. He was the Designated Sitter. My name is Jon Daly and I co-opted that term for this blog.

Who is Jon Daly and what is DS? Jon Daly is a guerilla sportswriter of sorts. What you see here are rough drafts of his thoughts on baseball, other sports, and some pop culture gossamer; especially his love/hate relationship with Funky Winkerbean. What this blog will lead to is anyone’s guess. Hopefully a book will come out of it someday.

There are two recurring themes at Designated Sitter. One is that it’s a small world and it’s easy to link disparate people through surprising connections. The other is that it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. How here means style, not sportsmanship. Grantland Rice was writing about sportsmanship. I’m writing about panache.

I’ve been writing this over at Blogger since November and moved it about a week ago. Unfortunately, some links didn’t move over when I imported the blog. I’ll try and rectify this in the near future.


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