Graceful and Compelling

I’m an ambitious lout. I once started a blog called the Zuvella Files. It was to include a short bio of every baseball player from the 80s starting at the end of the alphabet. We never made it to Todd Zeile.

I think I may have written myself into a corner. I mentioned a class of players that I call Maranvillains, but then about a week ago I started bloviating about kinetic beauty. Being graceful is different from going entertaining. You can be both, but there are definitely some players who aren’t in the intersection of those two sets. And how many of these guys are compelling? I blame Woody Allen for writing about Earl Monroe and getting me started on this. Incidentally, the Platonic ideal players seem to be mid-century heroes like DiMaggio, Williams, and Mays. It’s a different game today and has been for a while.

I’d like to go on, but the damn phone’s ringing again. Anyways, I blame Little League for this development.

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