What Were You Doing The Day They Shot JFK?

I’m not sure how many of my readers are old enough to answer this question. I, myself, am too young. And some folks may disagree with my use of “they” instead of “Lee Harvey Oswald.”

The Wikipedia page for the movie Duel inspired this question. Somehow, I wound up reading it the other day and this is what it said:

The script is adapted by Richard Matheson from his own short story, originally published in Playboy magazine. It was inspired by a real-life experience, in which Matheson was tailgated by a trucker on his way home from a golfing match with writer friend Jerry Sohl, on the same day as the Kennedy assassination. The short story was given to Spielberg by his secretary, who reportedly read the magazine for the stories.

I think you could make a book out of a bunch of these stories, but what do I know? I’m still working on getting a book, any book, on paper.


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  1. Jon

    Well, it looks like this a good place to keep an idea under wraps.

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