Reggie Jackson: The Next Generation

Letters Of Note mentions that Jackson was the favorite to be casted as Geordi; a role that LeVar Burton wound up filling. Rob Neyer and Baseball Think Factory mentioned this post. Stuff like this is right up my alley.

Over at BTF, I mentioned that LeVar Burton played Ron LeFlore in a TV movie and LeFlore was discovered in prison by Billy Martin. Martin went on to feud with and manage Jackson with the Yankees. Alas, it went over like a lead balloon. I think folks have a limited appetite for my ramblings like that unless I can find a better way to structure them and capture people’s interest.

It’s ’70s month here at DS HQ. I just finished Josh Wilker’s Cardboard Gods. Now I’m reading Dayn Perry’s recent bio of Mr. October. I’m up to 1978 and I’m hooked. Never was a fan of Jackson (being a Red Sox fan and all), but he’s an intriguing subject.

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