This Would Have Been An Interesting Post-Baseball Career

Heard this guy on the radio today talking about Hurricane Earl. Thought he might’ve been John Cangeolosi and not John Cangialosi.

In other, unrelated, news Carson Cistulli showed up in my dream the other nite. I don’t recall talking baseball with him, but we discussed the Travers Stakes and fantasy football. The odd thing is that I have no idea what happened in the Travers Stakes this year. I’ve been up to Saratoga a couple of times to see it and it’s a blast, but I haven’t seen my horse racing friends much lately. As for fantasy football, a feeble attempt was made to bring the league together this year, but it looks like it ain’t happening.


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8 responses to “This Would Have Been An Interesting Post-Baseball Career

  1. Patriot

    Afleet Express won an impossibly close photo from Fly Down. Good race, but this years three-year olds lack star power (minus Lookin’ at Lucky, Preakness and Haskell winner who was on the sidelines for the Travers). In case you were wondering.

  2. Jon

    Thanks. I’ve been meaning to look it up, but hadn’t got around to it. It wasn’t that high on my priority list. While I have your ear, I came across Andy Beyer about ten years ago and he stoked my interest in horse racing. Would you consider him to be the Bill James of handicapping?

    The money I could have made if I were 20 years older and found him around 1980. My computer skills aren’t great, but I was pretty good at doing math by hand. And in those days, that might have been enough.

  3. Patriot

    Believe it or not, I am a horse racing fan who is not particularly interested in handicapping. I rarely go to the track (I prefer to watch the big races and not the claimers at Thistledown) and when I do I make a couple small bets based on a quick lookover of the forum.

    So I don’t have a good perspective on Beyer’s place in history, although Bill James is probably a good comparison–he certainly did popularize a much better-defined analytical approach to handicapping. What I can say is that he is definitely one of my two favorite horse racing journalists, along with Steve Haskin from Blood-Horse.

  4. Jon

    After reading Beyer, I started reading more stuff about handicapping, but I came to the eventual realization that it’s futile. It’s a pretty efficient market now that the causal gambler can go to casinos without having to travel to Nevada or AC. Something about the culture appealed to me. It may have been the loud shirts, or fedoras, or cigars. But I’ve been to a handful of tracks and OTB parlors. Outside of Saratoga, they’re pretty depressing places.

    My favorite live horse racing moment was watching a 2 year old named Maimonedes blow away the competition in a juvy race at Saratoga. But I think he got hurt. There’s no such thing as a Derby prospect.

  5. Patriot

    TNSTAADP. I like it.

    Maimonedes did get hurt. He was a son of Vindication, who was a colt from one of Seattle Slew’s final crops. Vindication was the undefeated 2-year old champ, but he too was injured before getting to run at three.

  6. Jon

    Two starts. One win and one show worth $62K.

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