My Google Reader

I was surprised to see where some of these ranked.

Subscription Subscribers
Freakonomics 17,006
Twitter / shitmydadsays 16,382
The Hardball Times 7,938
38 Pitches 7,475
Joe Posnanski 4,751 4,262
The Comics Curmudgeon 3,927
FanGraphs Baseball 2,530
Smart Football 2,085
FootballOutsiders 1,614 - 1,569
Over the Monster 1,335
The Wages of Wins Journal 1,222
Advanced NFL Stats 1,172
Basketball Prospectus 1,137
THE BOOK--Playing The Percentages In Baseball 963 Blog 680
Smart Football 514
Sabermetric Research 505
Get The Picture » Who knew ESPN had a sense of humor? 434 355
Cardboard Gods 343
This Week in Milford 196
Walk Like a Sabermetrician 195
Driveline Mechanics 188
The Lovely Ladies of Apartment 3-G 113
Where We Live 37
Community - FanGraphs Baseball 33
Hate Life, Will Travel 28
Jay Reisinger 22
Can't Stop The Bleeding 18
Prolate Spheroid 13
Evaluating Baseball's Managers 11
Son Of Stuck Funky 9
Residual Prolixity 6
What Mark Read 6
Designated Sitter 5 4


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One response to “My Google Reader

  1. Jon

    That isn’t ESPN the network. That’s just Rob Neyer’s blog. I figured he’d be much more popular than Aaron Schatz and company, but I have no idea what the demographics are for Reader users compared to everyone else.

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