Writing Out Loud Hasn’t Worked For Me Like It Has For Craig Calcaterra

Craig said this two years ago:

Sullivan’s piece hits all of the big points about why I like blogging so much. The immediacy of publication and response.

I don’t mean to pick on Craig. I met him a couple of years ago and he is a nice guy. He’s right about the immediacy of publication, but he’s off the mark about the immediacy of response. Unless you’re lucky, it is very difficult to get a conversation going on Web 2.0. Seriously. The most lively online convos I’ve had lately are on email lists. Maybe it is because my subject matter isn’t necessarily current, but even when I tried to rate current players based on what I perceived as their Fidrychicity, I was met with stone silence. But I’ve come to accept that. Instead of getting an idea, then posting it here, lately I have been letting them ferment a bit, then emailing them to a few people for further ideas. In fact, my work will appear in book form once again. I sent a piece to Boss Studes over at The Hardball Times and he liked it so much, he decided to use it for the upcoming annual.

What’s my point? I’m not sure I have one, but the blogging model seems to work better for some than it does for others. I’m not sure if I’ll ever become a blogosphere darling like a Josh Wilker or Carson Cistulli. It’s been almost a year and Designated Sitter has yet to achieve critical mass. Fanhouse and Fangraphs haven’t come banging on my door asking me to write for them. But if you want to read how the circus, spies, ’60s football, and Deadball Era baseball are connected, I’ll write about it in some form or another. I’m just not sure you’ll find it in your RSS feed or on Google Reader.


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