Happy Birthday to Designated Sitter!

I started this blog a year ago. And I actually still update it fairly frequently. In the past, I’ve treated a blog like a baby treats a new toy. I love it it at first, then tire of it rather quickly. This is progress.

I have some good news. Yours truly has a piece in this book as well as a teaser on the THT website which should be up shortly. I’m also working on some more pieces. I’m just not sure where to send them to. They’re in the same vein of most of my recent writing (six degrees of separation and all that), but aren’t really about baseball.

Two good books I’ve read recently were by Steven Johnson. He isn’t as breezy as a James Burke, but there are a lot of connection that he writes about. In particular, Joseph Priestly stood at the crossroads of politics, science, and religion. James Burke liked to use him in his works, but he only scratched the surface. The Invention of Air is essentially of bio of Priestly. ANd, like all good bios, it does a good job of capturing his times.

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