New(ish) Biographies

I’ve mentioned my work with SABR’s BioProject before. Recently two new bios were added. One was on umprire and league president Tom Lynch. The other was on Negro League pitcher Schoolboy Johnny Taylor. These were for a book that was supposed to be on Connecticut baseball personages. The book may come out some day, but in the meantime, SABR decided to release them. I thought that the one on Taylor was especially well done. I’ll probably write at least one more of these for SABR this year. My plan is to tackle Bowie Kuhn.

I was reading some Robert Caro a couple of years back and his subject wasn’t necessarily LBJ or Robert Moses. It was power. How to acquire it. How to use it. How to keep it. I was overly ambitious and thought about writing about Kuhn in the same vein and show how not to acquire, use, or keep power. I took copious notes but haven’t much to show for it. A few people asked “Who would buy such a book?” The queries I sent out weren’t promising. I did dash off a couple of pieces at THT that were fruits of my research. I don’t have enough for a book, but I should have enough for a shorter bio like these..

Anyways, enjoy my pieces Lynch and Taylor.

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