A Can of Beer, a Slice of Cake— and Thou, Kyle Gaedele

From Big League Stew:

Valparaiso outfielder and new MLB draft pick Kyle Gaedele says he is proud of the major league bloodline that runs through his family — no matter how short it is.
Gaedele, whom the San Diego Padres picked in the sixth round of the draft on Tuesday afternoon, is a great-nephew of 3-foot-7 Eddie Gaedel, the shortest (and lightest) player in major league history and star of its greatest stunt.

Gaedele isn’t the only current athlete with a connection to Bill Veeck’s famous publicity stunt. Jim Delsing, Taylor Twellman’s grandfather, pinch-ran for Gaedel. But Twellman retired recently. When people think of concussions, the sports that come to mind are football and hockey, but it appears that they are a risk for soccer players, too. My mom didn’t allow me to play football, but I did play soccer.

Delsing also had a son named Jay  who was the Terry Felton of the PGA Tour.  He never won a tournament.  Jay’s sports career outlasted his nephew’s.  He is now on the Champions Tour.


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