Boycott Geoffery Boycott

As far as I can tell, Grantland is to ESPN as Miramax is to Disney. Bill Simmons and Chuck Klostermann are there with a number of other contributors. Michael Schur is one of them. He’s best known as a writer for some NBC comedies. But, to me, he’ll always be the Fire Joe Morgan guy.

FJM was a site that would make fun of jurassic views on baseball held by Joe Morgan and other folks. I thought it was mean-spirited and petty, and possibly turned some folks off on sabermetric thinking, but it seemed to have a following.

Schur co-wrote a piece on cricket with Nate DiMeo. It looks like a delayed live-blog of the World Cup semifinal between India and Pakistan. Two things are obvious. At least one of them is a Red Sox fan. There are a few comparisons between bowlers and Red Sox hurlers. Also, they should have done some homework. They look like Ugly Americans.

I’ve been watching the Bruins play hockey this year. My wife turned me on to them. But I haven’t written much about hockey. Why? I don’t feel like I know enough about the game to write intelligently about it. Yet these guys will write about a sport they know even less about. Some real cricket fan could Fisk this like Schur would Fisk Joe Morgan. (Come to think about it. It would have been funny if Carlton Fisk worked for ESPN and someone had a blog called Fisking Carlton Fisk, but I digress.) If this is par for the course at Grantland, I’m afraid to look at ESPN’s Page 2.

(I have no idea if Boycott is anything like Morgan. I just thought BGB would make a good title.)



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2 responses to “Boycott Geoffery Boycott

  1. Craig

    That was a weird title to show up in my RSS reader, I can tell you that.

    I could “fisk” the piece, but why bother? If people want to write about cricket, let ’em, it’s better than having another tedious piece about collegey nonsense. Let a thousand flowers bloom, let a thousand points of thought contend, as the great man said.

    I’m with you on FJM, I thought it was rather primitive and usually not much fun. I like Joe Morgan and the typical fan can learn a lot about baseball from him, even though he needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Geoff Boycott was a cricketer every bit as good as Joe Morgan was a ballplayer. In a somewhat similar mold – Boycs was a brilliant if somewhat defensive batsman, similar to a player with a high OBP. Not a great athlete, but a tremendous technician. He is alternately beloved and reviled around the world – perhaps no other white commentator is so beloved in India. He says dumb things ALL THE TIME and he’s got an ugly past (including some domestics) and his hobbyhorses are tiresome. But no one studies batting better than Geoff Boycott and he loves cricket and cricketers to death, and he speaks his mind. He’s Don Cherry with a brain and without the xenophobia.

  2. Jon

    Did Don Cherry do “Play That Funky Music, White Boy” or was that WIld Cherry?

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