The Baseball Gauge

The Baseball Gauge

From Seamheads:

Dan Hirsch, founder and sole contributor to The Baseball Gauge, has built a fantastic website that features Win Shares (WS), Win Shares Above Bench (WSAB) and Wins Above Replacement (WAR) for every season and player in Major League Baseball history, from 1871 to 2011 (that’s right, it’s updated throughout the season). Of course The Baseball Gauge includes traditional stats as well, but the real fun comes from the lists that can be created using Dan’s sort and query features.
Source: (

I’m not sure if anyone uses Win Shares anymore, but the Gauge has them. As for WAR, I’m no expert. But it looks like they calculate their own version instead of using fWAR or rWAR. (Look those up, if you don’t know what they are.) Should it be called GWAR?


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2 responses to “The Baseball Gauge

  1. Craig

    I use Win Shares all the time, Jon. It’s actually better than WAR in my view.

  2. Jon

    Cool, Craig. I just haven’t seen anyone mention Win Shares recently other than this Baseball Gauge guy. I have the book. Bought it a decade or so ago when it came out. I’ve read it many a time, but it has been a while.

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