I like L. Jon Wertheim’s work and picked up Scorecasting from the library down the street from where I work. I’ve read most of it, but haven’t finished all the chapters yet. Here’s a review from my friend Chris Jaffe. He’s better at reviewing books than I am anyways. I’m more apt to come away from a book liking it or disliking it, but unable to verbalize why I had that reaction.

Outside of Scorecasting, I’ve been reading a little on organized crime and how it intertwines with baseball and other sports. Is this a possible book idea? We’ll see. I suffer from the opposite problem that writers like the late David Foster Wallace and Bill Simmons suffer from. I take five words to say something where one hundred words would suffice. The short story that I posted earlier this month is three thousand words and to write that, I combined two stories that I had already written. This (let’s call it Gangsters and Groundballs), too, might be different. I envision parallel narratives that sometimes come together. We’ll see.


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