Worst Avid Golfer

I was at the barber yesterday waiting for my haircut. He has a collection of coffee table books on baseball and golf. I was flipping through some of them and came across a Hartford Courant clipping from 1985 about a duffer named Angelo Spagnolo. This story is probably semi-famous in golf circles, but I had never heard it before: ESPN says it was 1986, but Sagnolo won(?) a contest that Golf Digest sponsored naming him the Worst Avid Golfer; shooting a 185 over at TPC Sawgrass. A 66 on 17 clinched the title. He was mentioned in Sports Illustrated as well. He seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. “Hundreds of people told me I gave them hope,” (Spagnolo) says. “It didn’t make me feel any better about the way I played, but it made them feel better about the way they played. And I figured that was good for golf.”

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  1. Yes, true, I really do stink at golf, but if you’d like to know the whole story behind how I came to be the only person in the entire history of sports to ever be determined to be the “Worst”, go to Amazon and check out my new book, “Life’s an Unplayable Lie”. As the cover says, “A lifetime’s-worth of unbelievable, true golf stories…”

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