More on Ford and other Presidential Stuff

Here’s a Time magazine article on the crash that I mentioned the other day when Gerald Ford’s limo collided with a car driven by a young James Salamites. Here are some other links when you Google Ford Salamites (I hope that works.) Whiskeypedia has a page on the Presidential state car; as it is called.

I was watching Pawn Star one nite and Rick Harrison said something about the first presidential limo that didn’t jibe with what I found on this page and elsewhere online. I forget what it was, but it wasn’t the first time his story didn’t check out for me. He’s like a bald Cliff Claven. I enjoy the show, but someone should start up a Fairness and Accuracy on Pawn Stars website.

Fellow SABRite Bob Timmerman wrote an excellent blog about presidential bios. I knew of it at the time, but hadn’t started reading it until recently. Another friend, Tim Morris, is also a man of presidential letters. Forget the Ford story for a moment, I have a presidential accident story I like even better. Franklin Pierce allegedly ran over an elderly woman with his carriage. Unfortunately, according to Mental Floss, that story is untrue.

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