Look, Ma. I Was On TV… A While Back

A little over two months ago, I appeared on a cable access sports show here in Connecticut.  Well, my voice made an appearance.   I basically discussed some unexpected connections between people in sports and other endeavors.   I’ve been meaning to link it, but work and a freak blizzard have kept me preoccupied.  I finally found a link of the episode of Monday Night Sports online. Here is the link. My part starts at around 6’30” and runs to about 30’00”.

A friend of mine told me that he “can almost picture it (my writing) more like a talk show — one of those great ones from the Golden Age of real talk shows in the 60s and 70s — where a guest with a drink or two in him chats with a host who is openly smoking a cigarette and making the kinds of half-dirty jokes that no one is allowed to make on TV anymore.” I was sort of going for that, although I was stone sober. I also stood up the whole time so my voice would project better. I was nervous at first, but I think I relaxed a little and got better as the appearance went on. Enjoy!

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