Two Words, Together

I like Wikipedia. Sure it isn’t perfect, but I’m not using it as a source for term papers. I hated those as a kid, by the way. In high school, I did one on Macbeth. It was such a traumatic experience, that I blew the rest of them off. So, I would flunk the quarter, but save myself by acing the exam and getting a C.

But enough about me. The reason I am mentioning Wikipedia is that it has pages for stuff that I never imagined existed. Here is a two word combination that tickled me: street furniture. Sure, I knew about mailboxes, bus stops, and fire hydrants. But I had no idea that there was a collective term for such items until I stumbled across this page. Then again, it seems like a more popular term over in England.

I don’t foresee Designated Sitter doing Word(s) of the Day as a regular feature, but you never know.



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2 responses to “Two Words, Together

  1. Patriot

    My favorite Wikipedia discovery is Extreme Ironing. Real or not.

    • Jon

      I have a broad definition of sports. I consider golf and motorsports to be sports. But extreme ironing is not a sport.

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