More Ruxpin

Eddy Ruxpin admitted to selling secrets to the Russians.  He wanted to sell Alaska back to them.  He really did, in his mind.  But the reality is that he was one delusional young man.  I never thought I’d be writing this, but here is the whole story.  From the beginning.  Dead drops.  Tundra.  Cyanide. Taiga.  Secret codes. The Pipeline. Invisible ink.  Northern Lights. Microfilm.  Firing recoiless rifles at avalanches.

Alaska from the birth of the earth.  Gold, black gold, earthquakes and volcanoes.  Continental Drift.  Aurora Borealis.  Flora and fauna.

The land bridge.  Vitus Bering.  The Russians.  Expansion.  Exploration.  Industrial Revolution.  Capitalism and Socialism.  The Civil War.  Karl Marx.  William Seward.  John Wilkes Booth.  The Klondike.  Jack London.  Henry Ford.  World War II.  The Cold War.  Statehood. Lee Harvey Oswald.

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