Suburban Archaeology, McQuades Marketplace, and Colonial Market

The following pics were taken Sunday mornng, January 22nd. This is the local independent grocer, McQuades Marketplace. Compared to Stop & Shop or Big Y, the interior is more human in scale. It’s tough to get lost in this supermarket. Architectually speaking, it is pretty boring on the outside.


Back in the 20th Century, there used to be an IGA called Colonial Market in  Olde Mistick Village (It’s an ersatz old village next to the Mystic Aquarium. I’ve never figured out its popularity.) Its spot was taken over by a seafood restaurant named Go Fish. It is in the process of being remodeled before the upcoming tourist season and you can see evidence of the old Colonial Market.






There might still be a Colonial Market in East Lyme, Conn.


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4 responses to “Suburban Archaeology, McQuades Marketplace, and Colonial Market

  1. The Colonial Market in East Lyme closed many years ago. It had declined greatly at the end to the point people didn’t trust the seafood. It’s now an Asian restaurant.

  2. Jon

    Long time,no see, David.Thanks for the clarification. I know there is a small grocery store in the Flanders section of town, but I wasn’t sure what the name is.

  3. vi

    Go Fish is a darn good seafood place.

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