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Twilight of The Huskies

I appear in a Perpetual Post piece about UConn’s men’s hoops along with Howard Megdal. We also discussed the team (and college sports in general) on the radio along with Jason Clinkscales.


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Manila Men Can’t Jump

Speaking of Snipes….

One of my early posts here was about sports and ethnicity. I was discussing the Irish and baseball 130 years ago. Around that time I talked a bit on this site about my admiration for the hoops blog Free Darko. Here’s a post there that I missed on basketball in the Philippines. I’m more than three months late on this one, but I wanted to pass it on. Enjoy.

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More ramblings at Seamheads

I figure anyone who reads this blog with interest knows about my Seamheads pieces, but here’s a link to the latest, Justin Case.

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Just When I Thought That It Was Safe To Go To Work

Sean Forman and company added college hoops stats.

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Monday Morning Shortstop

Comment of the week comes from digamma who discusses what happens when you bring at risk kids to an athletic event.

My old girlfriend once took a bunch of troubled kids from this craphole to see Woodsville host Tilton in high school basketball. A fight ensued, and it ended with the dramatic scene of her escorting the group out past bleachers full of people all screaming at them.

It’s Winter Olympic time and has been for over a week. I’ve been catching bits and pieces of the games, but not much. Mainly I’ve been watching curling because it happens to be on when I get home from my day job. I suppose I could watch some stuff online, but I have yet to think of a computer as a substitute for a TV. I won’t click on a YouTube video longer than 2:00. By the way, get off of my lawn.

Anyways, Joe Posnanski has a curiously short post about Miracle on Ice. That was 30 years ago? Back then, 30 years earlier was the Truman Administration.

Some Sabermetrics 101 stuff
, if you are interested and do not know much about wOBA.

The main thing you missed this weekend that I didn’t miss was the Smoky Joe Wood Chapter of SABR’s winter meeting.

Larry Levine discusses what it was like growing up a Giants fan in the Bronx during the ’40s and having to deal with Yankee and Dodger fans. This made 1951 feel that much sweeter for him (it also cancels out my feelings of impending old age after reminiscing about the Miracle On Ice.) This presentation sort of reminded me of Fever Pitch (the book, not the movie) and was probably the highlight of the afternoon. It was also early on in the meeting.

Joe Runde made a presentation of various tabletop baseball simulations like APBA and Strat-O-Matic. I should do a presentation someday on Earl Weaver Baseball.

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I Went To A FIght And A Basketball Game Broke Out

This happened near me last week.

Police said some players started the fight allegedly after a player who didn’t play in the game shoved an opponent while the teams shook hands. A police officer assigned to the game broke up that fight but then had to radio for backup when more fights broke out and parents spilled from the bleachers, police said. The officer then saw one parent attack another and then more parents joined the fray.

This wasn’t in the inner city. These teams were from the suburbs and, frankly, not good. Sherman Cain of the subscription-only Journal Inquirer had this to say.

Sgt. Daniel Casale of the Enfield police department said that “The heckling started before the game was actually over.’’

Heckling? One team entered the game with a 3-12 record. The other entered the game with a 1-14 record. With those kinds of records, everybody needs to just shut up and play, or shut up and sit on your hands if you don’t know how to root properly at a high school event.

I attended a couple of high school basketball games this year and would guess this is an aberration. The crowds seemed pretty well behaved.

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Interesting Discussion on Pro vs College Hoops

It’s on this page. Start at post #7626. I make an appearance under the pseudonym Gary Geiger Counter.

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