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RIP Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper passed away the other day. Over at Twitter I remarked: “Hopper one of the best links in the Kevin Bacon game last time I checked. RIP” I was more right than I thought. Last time I checked was when I was writing The Astigmatic Eye. He had moved up from #10 to #3 from 2001 to 2005. Turns out he was the Center of the Hollywood Universe at the time of his passing. No one should really care about this stuff, but I do. Rather conservative for a counterculture icon. I cannot say I knew the man, so I don’t mourn his passing, but I did think about some of his roles in films like Apocalypse Now, Easy Rider, Cool Hand Luke, and Boiling Point. The last was some dreck that I watched with the Wig during some impromptu Wesley Snipes film festival we had.


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Better Auteur

Werner Herzog or Whitey Herzog?

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This and That

This is the vintage base ball league I will be playing in. They spelled my name wrong, but I actually like the ambiguity. I’ll answer to Jon or John. I’ll answer to Daly, Daily, Dailey, Daley, or Dayley.

I finally saw Sherlock Holmes Friday nite. It was steampunk and Arthur Conan Doyle probably rolled over in his grave.

According to hittrackeronline, Jason Heyward had the most prodigious blast of the year so for by a comfortable margin.

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"Faith, an excellent tale"

I did not intend, when starting this blog, to scramble to fill a 10-post-a-day quota by finding the same zany links that show up again and again on other blogs and repost them. But I caught a virus. A fellow factoryite linked The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski last week and I just love it.

I’m a fan of the flick it parodies and got the The Big Lebowski DVD as a Christmas gift. I’ve probably watched it four times since. And I saw it in the theater and probably once a year after that. But there was one thing that I never noticed until Saturday nite. What happened to the Uzi? After tossing out the ringer for a ringer at the wooden bridge, Walter and the Dude go bowling. The Dudes car is stolen while they’re inside. He’s interesting in getting back the briefcase and the money, but no mention is made of the Uzi. Perhaps, Walter brought it back to his store, but we’ll never know, will we?

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The Men Who Stare At Goats

I enjoyed this movie. Here’s Roger Ebert’s take on it. One of the things Roger says in the review is that “Cassady attempts to deal it (hostility) with using paranormal techniques. He explains his theory of Jedi Warriordom to Wilton, who has apparently never seen “Star Wars” episodes I, II and III. Little joke.” I think it is even funnier because Wilton is played by Ewan McGregor; the same guy who played Obi-Wan Kenobi. Oh, MK-Ultra and Angela Lansbury are both referenced in the film. Was that an intentional nod to The Manchurian Candidate?

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