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Maintenance Monday


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February 6, 2017 · 07:38

Roadgeek Photos from I-95

These were shot on I-95 North and I-195 East on 1/31/17 in Warwick, Cranston,and Providence RI.



I think the following curve is too sharp for an interstate. It slows rush hour traffic down too much.0131170815-020131170815-000131170815-010131170813-000131170811-00

Rhody is working on their bridges. They fixed the overpasses between I-195 and the Eastern Shore Expressway. But these paintjobs on the steel strike me more as a covering up than an attempt to protect the steel from rusting.

CLARIFICATION. These aren’t the Eastern Shore Expressway overpasses. These are surface streets overpassing I-95.



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When Roadgeekery Meets Baseball

You put your chocolate in my peanut butter!
No you put your peanut butter in MY chocolate!

Actually, this has something to do with someone who’s fame is larger than Pokey Reese’s.


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How Come I didn’t Know About This Forum?

My inner roadgeek is like a kid in a candy store after he saw this.

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Roadgeekery – 2 million-pound generator passing through (Montgomery) county

In addition to being interested in sports, I’m a bit of a roadgeek. When I first found, I spent hours reading and rereading all the pages. I even subscribe to a mailing list. That’s how I found out about this story. It’s only of interest to fellow roadgeeks and power generation enthusiasts, but I figured that I may as well pass it on.

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