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The Past Meets The Present

Tommorrow marks the one hundred year anniversary of baseball at Fenway Park. Jamie Moyer was on that team, but the Red Sox traded him away for Hugh Bradley. It was a deal that has haunted them ever since, albeit not on the level of Lyle for Cater or the selling of Babe Ruth. Moyer hasn’t really been pitching THAT long, but it sometimes seems that way.

Moyer won a game this week and became the oldest person to win a major league game. The previous recordholder was Jack Quinn. Quinn was also 49 when he won a game for the Brooklyn Dogers in 1932, but he was 49 and 70 days. Moyer was 49 and 150 days. Notgraphs had a post about the day of Moyer’s first win. Microsoft had just gone public (or was just going public.) Quinn had been around for a while by 1932. He first played in 1909. The Ottoman Empire still existed. He himself was born in Austria Hungary. Poland was still partitioned. The ball was still dead and Mark Twain was still alive. Quinn had been around so long that he really did appear in the first game at Fenway.

Designated Sitter. Tying the past with the present.

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