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UConn Power Line

Okay, the Huskies didn’t have a good weekend. but I want to bring some attention to this article from the Journal Inquirer. In particular, I want to highlight this portion:

UConn doesn’t find offensive linemen, it creates them.

“I am looking for guys who are big, athletic and have a good frame,” (O Line coach Mike) Foley said. “They might not be 300-pound guys coming out of high school, but they are athletic and have the frame to build up.”

“The biggest thing is feet. You have to be able to run — not a 40-yard dash, but within a box and have quick feet. We want people light on their feet. To me, it’s easier for us to get them bigger and stronger as opposed to someone who is big and strong, but doesn’t have good feet. It’s tough to make guys quicker.”

The Huskies have done well recruiting players who played the defensive line, and even tight end, in high school. It takes several years to bulk them up to offensive line weight, but once they do, they are much more nimble and athletic than the often-sloth-like 300-pound high school recruits.

“It s good when we bring in guys who we think can possibly play defensive line,” Foley said. “That means they can run. If they can play some defense, that’s a very good thing for an offensive line coach.”

I found that part interesting. While I like football, I’m no expert. Is that the MO of other schools? Do they convert players from other positions or do they normally pick guys who played the oline in high school? BTW, I dig sportswriting like this that goes beyond the basics.

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