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Jimmy Rollins Fadeaway

Consider this image:
Jimmy Rollins Fadeaway

It is from the first inning of Sunday’s Phillies-Padres game. Joe Blanton misplayed a ball off the bat of Mark Kotsay (he’s still around?) and Jimmy Rollins tries to nail Kotsay at first while Will Venable looks on in the ugly San Diego camo jersey. Rollins has a strong arm. Check out the recoil from that throw. Even fired sidearm, it is propelling him towards left field. But Kotsay beats the throw.

I rarely read Sports Illustrated anymore, but when I do flip through it in a waiting room, it is for images. Images like these. I once spouted some mumbo-jumbo about baseball and kinetic beauty, but I think that I dig static beauty better. Like the frozen poetry in pictures like this one of Rollins and the one from last week of the Greek God of Sliding Home; one Kevin Eucilis.

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