A Post About Baseball

That’s what this blog is supposed to be about. I played Strat o Matic last weekend. We had the game at home when I was growing up, but we didn’t play it much. The box gathered dust. What I did play was Earl Weaver Baseball. My youngest brother and I would play it on the computer in the den on winter nights. I mainly recall historical All-Star teams. I’d pick the Negro League stars and take the extra base. Cool Papa Bell made going from first to home on a single a routine play. Marty would choose the 60s stars. He had a love affair with Sandy Koufax’s curve ball. But I could tell when it was coming and usually walloped it.

One of the guys at the Russell Library had a set of various great teams along with the 1969 set. I chose the ’69 Padres, he went with the Expos. Clay Kirby would be in his seventies were he still alive. Unless he did it in an exhibtion game, he never hit a home run as a pro. Yesterday, he hit one while going 3 for 5 and blanking the ‘Spos 10-0. It was an unlikely outcome, but it was a fun morning driving to Middletwon, listening to some collge radio and playing against a fellow baseball nut. I may do it again. I’d prefer to play a deadball style game next. This time, I think small ball tactics would’ve been too much. Once I get the hang of things, though, I’d like to try to integrate strategery to the game. I think these SABR dudes get together every couple of months.



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